Bitcoin is the first digital currency based on strict cryptography rules. It is the only digitally produced, transacted and consumed currency that is indeed decentralized (no central authority is going to control it). This feature of Bitcoin spots it as different from normal currency.

Bitcoin owners meet over the distributed ledger called block chain where the sender and receiver addresses can be easily tracked. This privacy issue of the technology introduces the acceptance of Bitcoin Mixers also known as Tumblers.

Bitcoin Mixers have become so popular from recent years because they disconnect the tie-in and provide seclusion to the Bitcoin owners.

The purpose of this article is to unveil the top 3 Bitcoin mixers and elaborate their services how they are different in them.

Helix by Gram

Helix by Gram is super easy to use. It provides a friendly environment with each step clearly mentioned. It is also accessible from TOR. Grams need no account, no registration or authentication. The Bitcoin owner is just needed to provide the address and dirty coins, and can get them cleaned in 30 minutes. Mark that Helix takes only 2.5% fee and send you the new ones. Simple, Speedy and Easy features distinguish Gram among all.

Helix by Gram is a definitive darknet bitcoin mixer. It cleans your older bitcoins and returns you what has not been used before on the darknet. It also provides several safety and security features for your bitcoins. Any customer can trade mix and the older bitcoins for new ones. Helix by Gram enjoys 1000+ satisfied customers, 10,000+ BTC cleaned to date and amazingly 0 bitcoins lost.

You can access Helix by Gram from here 


Bitmixer is another amazing service. It owns an amazing chain of reserved bitcoins that will instantly provide you your mixed coins without any wait. It uses a remarkable piece of code that does not mix your coins on the second transaction.

Bitmixer is a giveaway solution which costs minimum of 0.5% plus some steep transaction charges on each address. It is also a no entry fee tor accessible service.

It comes with a virtual currency guard wallet, making it safe for your bitcoins. With Bitmixer you do not have to wait for a long time. They have readily available mixed bitcoins that you can get right when you trade yours. You can also invest with Bitmixer and partner with them in their reserves. The minimum amount to invest is Bitmixer is 100 BTC.

You can access Bitmixer from here 

Bitcoin Fog

Bitcoin Fog is an only TOR accessible service in which account is obligatory. Bitcoin Fog is undemanding that works like all the other bitcoin tumbling services. The point to notice is that it has a withdrawing limit. Bitcoin fog is there to cover up for your tracks on your behalf. On Bitcoin fog, the mixing process does not start until you deposit some amount of Bitcoins. The minimum limit is 5 BTC. There is a certain limit for all the deposits. It is visible to all the users while they are making a deposit.

You can only access Bitcoin Fog over the TOR Network.

Picture Source:Pixabay



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